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Cannabis Shatter

Cannabis concentrates, as the name suggests, are the extracts that are derived from cannabis. Available in a number of forms and consistencies, these include concentrated amounts of THC along with other terpenes and cannabinoids.

Cannabis Concentrates Are Very Popular

Using cannabis concentrated has become the latest trend in the cannabis industry; however, this method of using marijuana has a deep-rooted history. In today’s time, modern technologies along with extraction methods are used to produce these concentrates.

As marijuana has been legalized in many states of the US, a noticeable surge has been witnessed in the demand for these concentrates. This is one of the major reasons why the experts in the marijuana industry are now opting for the latest, and more effective methods, to produce it in high-quality. These are used in both medicinal and recreational purposes. Hence, experts are now inclined to making concentrates that can give an intense high and produce fast-acting solutions to numerous ailments and health conditions.

What the Types of Cannabis Concentrates Are

As stated above, cannabis concentrates are available in a variety of types. These include kief, hash, rosin, wax etc. In this post, we have discussed one of the most recognized concentrates known as shatter.

Marijuana Shatter

Marijuana shatter is a solid particle. It has a look similar to that of glass shard of honey color. It is given the name shatter since it breaks into shatters when a dab tool is used or when it is dropped. The color and transparency of shatter may vary depending on different factors. When cooked, it gives a superior flavor and an enticing aroma. Shatter has gotten immense popularity in the medical field as it contains almost 97% content of cannabinoid. This glassy substance is quite strong; however, it isn’t much harmful.

Extraction Process for Shatter

Shatter weed can extraction process includes running a solvent through cannabis buds. This process pulls own the cannabinoids from it. The solvent then gets evaporated and resins that remain there are collected and placed on a glassy sheet for the purpose of cooling them down. Typically, ethanol or carbon dioxide are used as a solvent in this process.

Features of Shatter

Have a look at some of the main features of marijuana shatter:

Those who use shatter for recreational purposes, they might find it in a rather thick and taffy-like form. It is known as the most potent concentrates. This is due to the fact that there is an extra filtration process used to produce it. This process helps to filter out the fats and waxes that occur naturally during its production.

The filtration process is the major reason why shatter weed has high amounts of active ingredients.

Cannabis oils and shatter are said to be quite similar among the various cannabis concentrates. However, the latter has more refined properties. Furthermore, shatter is more potent as compared to cannabis oils.

The extraction process of shatter is similar to that of wax. The major difference lies between both the procedures is that wax is whipped while shatter is not. Unlike other marijuana concentrates, using shatter can prove to be a complicated process as it available in a solid state. However, there are certain ways i.e. using vapes, bongs, and dab rigs to use its final product.

Side Effects of Shatter

Although there are no major known side effects of shatter it can lead to overdose. However, this side effect only comes into the picture if the shatter is produced at home. Since the user has a higher quantity of shatter available for them, this can result in overdose.

Where to Get Shatter From

With a little research, you can get a number of ideas online on how to make shatter at home. However, these home producing shatter methods require extra processing efficiency and precision. If the precision and efficiency factors are missing, you wouldn’t get high-quality shatter.

Although most of the ideas found are effective but the process to make shatter at home can prove to be time and effort consuming. Therefore, the better idea is to buy shatter online. Numerous websites and online stores sell shatter online. However, there are certain state regulations you need to follow if you are ordering shatter online. Another reason it is recommended to buy cannabis shatter online is the increased risk of explosions and house fires. The process, even though, is not a complicated one but the butane that is used to extract resin from the cannabis plant is quite flammable. If not handled carefully, it can result in an explosion. There are several cases of house fires and explosions recorded in the US as many people have tried to make shatter at home.

Shatter Buying Guide

If you are planning to buy shatter online, here is your brief shatter buying guide:

To begin with, rely on a trustworthy online store. A number of online stores sell shatter but not all of them are reliable. Do some research i.e. read their reviews, user testimonials etc. before selecting them. This practice is not only recommended to follow if you want to buy shatter online but any other cannabis concentration. While considering the price factor is important but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when buying cannabis shatter online. Take the other factors such as reliability of the store, quality etc. into consideration to get the best quality shatter weed.

All in all, whether you want to shatter for recreational or medicinal purposes, make sure you are getting it in high quality. It is forbidden against experimenting at home since it can result in a daunting situation because of highly flammable butane. Thus, go online, and conveniently order high-quality shatter to obtain its benefits to the maximum.

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