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Vape Cartridges & Refills

Vaping Is Popular

As statistics how, vape pen cartridges have become popular over the last few years, especially in those states that have already realized cannabis as an efficient supplement able to solve or relieve various health disorders.

In strict medical cannabis states, vape cartridge is considered to be one of only a handful of products that are allowed to buy by the patient in licensed dispensaries.

Pros and Cons to Vape Pen


Less Smell

Smoking cannabis is a very smelly activity. Choosing pen cartridges you won’t experience less smell when smoking weed – you will still notice a smell, but it will not be as strong as when you burn cannabis plant. Moreover, the vape pens do not leave cannabis smell on clothes or hands.


Lots of cannabis consumers report that vape pen cartridges are one of the most convenient ways of cannabis consuming. There is nothing complicated in vape pens usage. All you need to do is to attach marijuana vape pen to a battery and inhale your cannabis concentrate to generate the vapour. Some vape pen batteries have a button. Thus, you need to push the button to create the vapour.


It is one of the easiest ways of cannabis consuming while on the go. Thanks to their minimalistic design vape pen cartridges allow for discreet vaping that is free of the distracting qualities.

Longer Taste

It is a well-known fact that the cannabis plant loses its taste and smell over some time. Of course, some cannabis plants may have a more extended shelf life – it depends on the way they are dried and cured. With vape pen cartridge you will forget about this problem and enjoy your weed much longer.

Consistent Throughout the Life

When a consumer smokes the weed, the first hit is the most desirable. The next hits of the bowl are less desired, as the quality of the hit diminishes. Hits from THC vape cartridges are always high-quality and desired. And the lifespan of the vape pen cartridge is as long as the pen battery is charged.

Cost Effective

Having a long shelf life, vape pen cartridges are more cost-effective for those consumers who do not take cannabis regularly. Moreover, vape pen cartridge lasts a long time. Thus cannabis consumers can get the biggest bang for their purchase.


Defect Rate

It is not a secret or something new that vape pen cartridges can defect. There are two the most spread reasons for a defect. The first one – the cartridge doesn’t work, and the last one – cartridge gets blocked and clogged after some period of use.

Hard to Determine the Quality

Because vape pen cartridge does not produce significant odours, it is difficult for a consumer to determine the quality of weed he or she smokes. With cannabis flower, an experienced consumer can quickly identify the quality of the product. Most of vape pen cartridge does not produce any odours because they are sealed and it is challenging to choose the best quality vapour as most of them look the same (thus, you need to purchase the vape pen cartridge at a reliable seller).

Requires a Charged Battery

To vape pen cartridge, it is necessary to check out whether its battery is charged. For some individuals, it may cause too much hassle as it is essential to always remember about this point. It can be annoying when you want to vapour cannabis, but it is impossible because of the discharged battery.

What Are You Vaping?

There are three types of vape refills which you can use: dry weed, cannabis oils or juices and concentrates.

  • Dry Weed Refill

Well cured high-quality pot can be used as a good refill for a tape cartridge. Your vaping experience depends on the quality of the cannabis plant you have. The process of weed vaporizing relies on moisture that is why fresh pot is recommended to smoke when you are vaping – as fresh weed has higher moisture concentrations. Touch your plant before vaping. It should not be too wet, but not too dry.

  • Cannabis Oils  & Juices

Vapes are very comfortable to use especially for smoking cannabis oils or juices. Moreover, because you’re not incinerating your material, the taste is excellent, and the smell is faint.

  • Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates are the fastest growing product. Lots of dispensaries, as well as patients, appreciate the effectiveness of the high-quality extracts. Cannabis concentrates provide all the properties of the cannabis plant in a purer form and smaller package. The easiest way to consume cannabis concentrates is with the help of concentrate vaporizers.

You should also know that it is not recommended to use the same vape pen for every ingredient. For this need, you should have some additional equipment. You should know what material your vape supports as well as use it due to its instruction. In case you have a dry herb vape you need to use it only for smoking dry weed. Never try it and load with concentrates, as it may cause the break of the device as well as spoil your weed product.

Vape pen technology provides a great way of consuming cannabis as well as cannabis-based products quickly and conveniently. It makes the consumer's experience particularly appealing. Modern pen-style vaporizers are pocket-sized, affordable, and easy to use. Thus, you can enjoy your favourite vape pen refill easily and conveniently.


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