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Almost everyone loves caramels. Besides it is incredibly easy to make candy at home, it is one of the most delicious and famous sweets worldwide. Why? Not only cannabis caramels  taste delicious, but it also comes in lots of flavors and varieties. What is more important, it is a much safer intake method of cannabis intake than smoking or vaping.

Although smoking cannabis is far safer than smoking tobacco, smoking is still a lung irritant, therefore is not suitable for many patients and recreational users.

Caramels have particular properties that make them a prevalent cannabis edible. With sugar as it is preservative cannabis caramels have a long lifespan. Therefore, if you prepare it in bulk, you will not worry it will go wrong. It can be frozen, is easy to store and ready to consume on the go.

What Are Cannabis Caramels?

The name says it all. Cannabis caramels have the same recipe as traditional candies that do not include marijuana. The difference between cooking cannabis caramels and cannabis-free caramels leads in using infused oil or cannabis butter (instead of using regular oil or butter). Cannabis flour can also be used to cook cannabis caramels.

Do not worry if you like caramels but have no time or patience to cook them yourself. We are here to solve this issue and provide you with a smooth and stress-free solution. At our online dispensary, you can buy marijuana caramels at affordable price. Cannabis caramels have a simple recipe and a long lifespan. We create plenty of cannabis caramels for our customers every day. Therefore, both those who take cannabis for recreational purpose or just for joy can experience all the benefits of cannabis caramels offered in our cannabis online dispensary.

When you eat caramels, you also experience the medical benefits of an edible. The products we sell are right in taste and do relieve a wide range of medical conditions.

How Do Cannabis Caramels Work?

Cannabis edibles work much differently as most forms of cannabis medicine. Both smoking and vaping provide a fast high effect. In comparison with these two ways of weed consuming cannabis edibles take at least 30-90 minutes to afford full relief. However, those who are new to cannabis are prompt to make a mistake by overeating at once. Although taking too much cannabis edibles do not result in dangerous overdose, the consumer can feel very uncomfortable. That is why we recommend taking cannabis caramels slow and low before you get a desired “high.” Once you understand how your organism interacts with cannabis caramels, they become a powerful treatment tool. Because the effect of edibles is much longer than the results of an inhaled medicine, those patients who suffer from chronic conditions can take advantage of cannabis caramels, as they do not require frequent doses.

The Benefits of Cannabis Consuming

Consuming cannabis has never been so enjoyable. When consuming cannabis edibles, you can be sure you will not experience any side effects as cannabis edibles are the best option for those people who want to get rid of the side effects of smoking weed strains. Cannabis caramels are an excellent solution for those who find vaporization too much of an effort. All you need to do is to choose a necessary dose of THC or CBD to get the desired effect.

Cannabis caramels have a wide range of benefits:

  • Sweet tooth patients can easily enjoy one of their favourite treats when consuming cannabis as a medication.
  • Some patients feel panic when they see a pill or syringe. Cannabis caramels offer familiarity, comfort, calmness and sweetness.
  • Cannabis caramels contain CBD, THC or both. You can easily choose and buy caramels tailored to your health conditions.

To get metabolized and reach the bloodstream, cannabis caramels, as well as the other cannabis edibles, have to pass through your digestive tract. That is why the effect of cannabis caramels will not be as fast as when you are smoking cannabis. However, there is a positive side of cannabis caramels: once they start to work, their effect will last much longer than the other cannabis formats. What is more important, you can choose the desired dosage of THC or CBD content to get the desired result and feel medicated and uplifted for hours.

So much more than just a caramel – it’s top-quality cannabis-infused caramel designed to suit the needs of even the most demanding consumer. We offer cannabis caramels with a variety of flavours and in a mix of CBD and THC options. Each product we sell is carefully packed and wrapped with an artful touch.

Pure Green Express offers an abundance of various cannabis candies infused with THC or CBD. We carry a wide selection of cannabis and cannabis-based products for every price range as well as keep our prices consistently affordable every day. If there is a need, and you want to purchase cannabis caramels – let us know. What is more, if you need more advice on medical marijuana caramels, do not hesitate to contact us. We can assist you at any time you need as well as provide you with the necessary assistance to make the right choice and experience the desired result.


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